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100% Gen 2 Complete Roll Off System (48mm) - Select Color

100% Gen 2 Complete Roll Off System (48mm) - Select Color

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Fits All 100% Gen 2 Goggles


Best performance and reliability -  Total Vision System uses canisters made by the worlds leading roll off manufacturer combined with a hard coated non stick lens to make the smoothest pulling and most reliable system on the market.


Easy preparation - The canisters are fitted to the lens so fitting it is as easy as exchanging lenses, so you can swap it in and out easily between races


Tear off posts - Tear off posts on the canisters allowing you to run tear offs over the top


Anti fog - Each lens features and anti-fog inner coating to prevent fogging and ensure clear vision at all times


In the box:

  • Hard coated slip roll Lens and Canister set
  • 2x XL Roll off film rolls - 8 meters long allows for 30+ pulls
  • 1x Spare film peg
  • 1x Mud visor strip
  • 1x 10-pack of over the top tear offs
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